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Casting/Job Title Location Project Type Submit by
TRAINED DANCERS for Live Events Chicago, IL Trade Show/Events/Promo 05-27-2016
DANCE Spectacular Productions Chicago, IL Dance - Other/General 05-27-2016
Dragon Bells N/A Voice-Over 05-27-2016
Gym and Dance Costume Las Vegas, NV Modeling - Print 05-27-2016
Princess and Superhero Characters Portland, OR 05-27-2016
Portfolio One Washington, DC Modeling - Print 05-27-2016
Disney's The Aristocats Kids Albuquerque, NM Theatre - Non-Equity 05-27-2016
Dragon Bell Las Vegas, NV Voice-Over 05-27-2016
Spyro: A New Beginning Voice-Over 05-27-2016
Crossover Tournament Roleplay Reading Voice-Over 05-27-2016
Auditions for Two Plays Charlotte, NC Theatre - Non-Equity 05-27-2016
Black Butler Fanfic Reading Voice-Over 05-27-2016
The Fall of Starswirl the Bearded Voice-Over 12-12-2016
Grapes of Wrath Oklahoma City, OK Theatre - Non-Equity 11-12-2016
Rome Auditions for The Laramie Project Albany, NY Theatre - Non-Equity 10-12-2016
A Higher Place in Heaven Atlanta, GA Theatre - Non-Equity 10-12-2016
Hand to God Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 09-12-2016
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 06-05-2016
Assisted Living: The Musical Orlando, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 05-28-2016
Cedar Rapids Auditions for Assassins Des Moines, IA Theatre - Non-Equity 05-31-2016

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You may feel like you are not cut out to be a baby modeling mom or dad, but if you have even an inkling of an interest in getting your baby involved, why not arm yourself with all the information you can and hit the streets, the Internet, and whatever other entities you have access to, with photos in hand, and baby in carriage, in search of legitimate baby modeling opportunities.

This approach to entering into the world of baby modeling has less drawbacks than the dive in feet-first method, which, although exhilarating at first, may end up being more of a headache than one might expect, wasting a lot of your time, and not producing the kind of baby modeling gigs that you might have discovered if you had set out about things in more of an orderly fashion.